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Subjects to Avoid on HubPages

Updated on May 26, 2017

Subjects We Celebrate

While there are a small handful of subjects that we restrict, discourage, and do not allow on HubPages, there are countless subjects that we do encourage you to cover.

For inspiration (and to get an idea of the extensive breadth of topics on HubPages), check out our complete list of Topics.

Stray Away from These Subjects!

While HubPages is a platform on which we encourage you to write informative, in-depth, media rich articles on a wide variety of subjects, some subjects are not appropriate for our site, its visitors, and our community.

There are three classifications of subjects that you will want to avoid on HubPages:

To avoid these zones-to-be-avoided, discover their parameters below.


Restricted Content Areas

Restricted content areas on HubPages revolve around subjects that:

  • Are already extensively covered online
  • Are commonly associated with spam
  • Are commonly associated with dubious offers

Even if you are writing a genuine, honest article on a subject within our restricted content areas, it will have lower odds of success as it is covering a subject that is already flooded with competition.

Avoid these 'Crowded' Subject Areas


To fight spam on our site and dissuade good Hubbers from wasting their time writing on over-saturated commonly-spammy subjects, we:

  • Require that articles written on subjects within restricted content areas be of exceptionally high quality (around an eight or above on our quality rating scale)
  • Do not allow affiliate links to be included in articles covering these subjects

Our restricted content areas most commonly cover subjects on health and weight loss, dubious online activities, money, affiliate programs, and relationships.

Enough with the Acai Berries!


Restricted Content Areas Related to Health

The following health-related subjects fall under our restricted content areas:

  • Acai berry
  • Weight loss supplements
  • Six pack abs
  • Fat burning furnace
  • Man boobs
  • Male sexual health

Again, it is OK to write about these subjects, but if you do, they must be exceptionally good, and they cannot contain any affiliate links. Also remember that if you write articles on these subjects, they have very low odds of ranking well in search engine results or seeing much, if any, success.

We Don't Want to Read Another Article About Mail Order Brides

If you write about them, it had better be incredibly informative and useful!
If you write about them, it had better be incredibly informative and useful! | Source

Restricted Content Areas Related to Relationships

The following relationship-related subjects fall into our restricted content areas:

  • Getting your ex back
  • Mail order brides

Restricted Content Areas Related to Dubious Online Activities

We recommend avoiding the following subjects related to online activities:

  • Free downloads
  • Watching TV on your PC scams
  • Reverse lookup

Restricted Content Areas Related to Finance

The following subject areas regarding finance are restricted on HubPages:

  • Getting out of debt
  • Forex
  • Payday loans
  • Paid online surveys

Restricted Content Areas Related to Affiliate Programs

All articles on sketchy affiliate programs fall under our restricted content areas

Subjects that Are Not Ad Safe

Put yourself in the shoes of an advertiser. Would you want your brand to be associated with domestic violence? How about self harm or illegal drugs?

Chances are you are shaking your head. Rest assured, you are in good company. Most ad networks have rules about the type of content on which their clients' ads can be presented, and this is most certainly the case with our ad partners.

For this reason, we may disable ads (based on automated filters or moderator review) on articles that address the following subjects:

  • Adult subjects: This includes articles discussing things like prostitution and abortion
  • Sexual subjects: This includes articles containing descriptions of sexual acts or body parts
  • Content about drugs
  • Content about self harm
  • Content about violence: This includes articles touching on domestic violence and hate crimes

So long as your writing on one of these subjects also meets our publishing standards (articles that are adult, mature, and addressing illegal drugs do not meet the standards), the article may remain published. Just bear in mind that it will not make you any money.

Were ads disabled on your content by mistake?

If ads on your article were disabled by automatic content filters and your content does not meet one of our descriptions for content that is not ad safe, please contact our support team.

Avoid the "Red Flag" Subjects Below!


Subjects that Violate HubPages' Publishing Standards

In addition to having subjects that come with restrictions or lead to ads being disabled, HubPages has subjects that simply are not allowed. No matter what, articles on the following subjects will be unpublished.

For more information on the publishing standards related to each of these subjects, click through to their descriptions on our guide to amending moderated articles.

Avoid These Subjects Like the Plague!


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