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A HubPages Guide to Twitter

Updated on February 28, 2017

HubPages and Twitter

Twitter is one of the world’s largest and most influential social networks. Quite a few Hubbers maintain active profiles on Twitter, and even more enjoy a significant amount of traffic to their articles thanks to links that their readers share on the site.

Chances are you have friends and family members on Twitter. Perhaps you have your own account! Are you making the most of it? Read on for tips on using Twitter in a manner that will help your articles, boost your online reputation, and augment your overall online experience.

Setting up a Good Twitter Profile

If you would like to develop a presence on Twitter, you must first set up a respectable profile. This should include:

  • A good profile photo that is ideally an image of you and is identical to your HubPages profile image
  • A location
  • A link to your website (or HubPages profile)
  • A short bio that is succinct, clear, and interesting

What about you?

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You might consider choosing a different background or color scheme, but avoid going too crazy (you will want to appeal to a broad audience, and overly bright or hard-to-read colors might deter potential followers).

If you are trying to decide between creating separate personal and HubPages-related accounts and creating one account that you will use for all Twitter-related activity, we recommend going with the latter option for several reasons:

  • It is less work to maintain one account
  • An account that is tied to a real person is much more likely to be trusted and engaging than one associated with an anonymous pen name
  • You are more likely to tweet a variety of things from that account- not just HubPages-related tweets, which is a very good thing

Once you have created your Twitter account, we recommend adding a link to that account from your HubPages profile.

The Importance of Moderation and Balance

We recommend making your tweets a healthy mixture of text-only posts, directly uploaded photos, interactions, shared links, and photos.

Many Hubbers make the mistake of creating Twitter accounts just to promote articles. These accounts are essentially useless and a waste of time to those who have created them. As blunt as this may sound, nobody is going to want to follow an account that only shares self-promotional links.

This is not to say that you may never share links to your articles on Twitter. Sharing links on Twitter can be a great way to gain new fans and readers. What matters is that you share links to your work amidst a high volume of other tweets that are engaging, interesting, and relevant to those who follow you. If more than 20% of your tweets are self-promotional (and you’re not already a famous celebrity or major brand), you might have trouble gaining trust and traction with your audience.

Pay attention to the tweets you post that are re-tweeted and favorited. Post more of those and fewer of the types of tweets that tend to be ignored. The more you understand your audience and what is interesting to them, the more you will be able to promote your work online successfully.

Ideally, you will post a variety of tweets. An account that is even 40% self-promotional is far more likely to be ignored.
Ideally, you will post a variety of tweets. An account that is even 40% self-promotional is far more likely to be ignored.

The Importance of Interaction

One way to boost others’ engagement with your tweets is to directly interact with them. You can do this by:

  • Following other people on Twitter
  • Adding other people on Twitter to lists
  • Favoriting others’ tweets
  • Re-tweeting others’ tweets
  • Mentioning them (e.g. “I love @HubPagesDotCom!”)

Many Hubbers are active on Twitter. Quite a few of these individuals share their Twitter handles on their HubPages profiles, so when you find a Hubber you like who mentions Twitter, be sure to follow him or her and strike up a conversation!

You are also likely to have quite a few friends, colleagues, and family members on the site. We encourage you to engage with these real-world contacts as well as your HubPages friends. You might even follow additional public figures, interesting writers, or generally awesome Twitter users whose tweets you find to be interesting.

What we do not recommend is indiscriminately following people because:

  1. You hope they will follow you back
  2. They have followed you and you feel obliged to follow them back

If you end up following thousands of strangers who you do not know or care about, it might become difficult to follow and interact with the people who are most meaningful to you. People are also less likely to heed Twitter users who are following significantly more people than are following them.

The Importance of Regular Activity

Once you get started on Twitter and have begun to interact with your fellow Hubbers, your personal friends, and the community at large, keep it up! You are not likely to win new followers or prove to others that your account is worth following if you only post something once every other month.

Helpful Twitter Tools

Twitter can be a lot to handle, especially if you’re busy and trying to avoid additional distractions. Thankfully, there are many helpful tools (created by Twitter as well as third party companies) that make it easy to monitor your account, send out updates from your phone, analyze your tweets, and even schedule tweets that can be sent out at regular or specially-scheduled intervals. There are too many resources out there to cover in one guide, but some of the more popular tools include:

  • Twitter’s mobile app: Though there are many great (and free) mobile apps for managing Twitter accounts (each of the following services offer apps), Twitter’s official app is one of the best
  • TweetDeck: Makes it easy to monitor, respond to, and schedule tweets from your browser
  • HootSuite: Enables you to manage and monitor Twitter-related account activity as well as actions on other major social media sites
  • Buffer: Makes it easy to compose tweets ahead of time and have them post automatically at regular intervals


Interacting with HubPages on Twitter

You can find us on Twitter as @HubPagesDotCom. By following HubPages, you will get regular updates on new features, contests, and special programs, as well as writing tips and links to great new articles.

Feel free to start a dialogue with @HubPagesDotCom, or use the #HubPages hashtag in a tweet. We would love to hear from you, and we’re known to give writers who engage with us on Twitter a little extra boost by occasionally promoting their work with our followers.

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