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A HubPages Guide to Facebook

Updated on November 5, 2014

HubPages and Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site and one of the top destinations on the internet (along with, YouTube, and Twitter). A significant number of Hubs garner traffic from Facebook posts and shares, and it is through social networking sites such as Facebook that many Hubs go viral.

Chances are that if you have a profile on any social networking site, it will be Facebook. Why not put it to some use? With a little foresight and thought, you can utilize your Facebook profile in a way that can give your Hubs a boost, improve your online brand, and even make you a bit more popular amongst your friends.

Feel free to make use of the social sharing buttons to the right of Hubs.
Feel free to make use of the social sharing buttons to the right of Hubs.

Like Buttons on Hubs

Each Hub comes equipped with a tab featuring social media options- including the option to like that Hub on Facebook. While these options are present to make it very easy for your readers to share your work, you are free to use them as well.

If you do “like” one of your own Hubs using the Facebook like button, we recommend adding a short description explaining what the Hub is about or why you are sharing it. Your friends on Facebook are far more likely to be interested in a link that comes with an explanation.

Be sure to add something meaningful to posts in which you share links!
Be sure to add something meaningful to posts in which you share links!

The Importance of Moderation and Balance

If you have more than a small handful of friends on Facebook, you have probably noticed that some people share the same sort of thing over and over. Billy Bob always shares political articles, while Betty Sue posts an excessive number of status updates about her job, and Terry Jones continuously uploads videos and photos of Terry Jones Jr.

If you do not know Billy, Betty, and Terry very well, you might soon choose to stop following them or have their posts removed from your feed. You might even un-friend them.

Even if you do not take any of these actions, Facebook’s algorithms will pick up on the fact that you do not interacting with these people's posts, and will show you fewer of them. If very few people in general interact with Billy, Betty, and Terry’s posts, Facebook may just put them in fewer Home feeds in general- even the home feeds of their new Facebook friends.

As you can see, there are consequences for posting things that people do not find interesting. If you only post promotional links that are not interesting to your friends, chances are that after a while, those links will only be showing up on your profile, making you look pretty silly.

It is therefore very important to share a variety of different things on Facebook- and to do so in moderation. Share text-only status updates, photos, videos, and check-ins in addition to links, and make sure that not all your links are to your own work or to HubPages in general.

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The Importance of Interaction

One of the best ways to get other Facebook users engaged with your posts and your profile is to engage with theirs. Post questions and compliments on friends’ walls. Comment on your friends’ status updates. Like links that people share. Doing so may make it more likely that your posts will show up in their feeds, plus you can develop stronger bonds with your Facebook buddies!

How to Know When to Share

When should you share a link to your own work on Facebook? How often should you share things? Ideal post and share frequency varies depending on each individual’s unique set of friends. If you post a link to one of your Hubs and nobody likes or comments on it, hold off for a bit before sharing another one. Chances are your friends did not find that link to be very intriguing and they’re not going to become more interested if you start sharing a bunch more links that are similar to it.

As you post a variety of content on Facebook, keep track of which sorts of posts get the highest number of likes and comments. Use this knowledge to self-optimize. If people respond well to your cooking Hubs but not to your DIY auto repair Hubs, don’t share those auto repair Hubs on Facebook anymore, but consider making a couple more recipes- or even asking your friends what sorts of recipes they would like you to share. Facebook can be a great place to informally market test your work.

Making Use of Lists

Not every update you post on Facebook will be meaningful to all of your friends- especially if you have quite a few. By adding friends to specific lists, you can choose to share certain types of posts with some groups and different types of posts with others.

Say, for example, you work in the insurance field and are friends with a lot of insurance professionals on Facebook. It would be advisable to add these individuals to a list, so that they can be easily communicated with en masse. If you write a Hub that is a fabulous guide to making the most of various insurance conferences and trade shows around the world, you might therefore share it on Facebook only with friends in your “Insurance Industry” list.

To add somebody to a list, navigate to their profile and click on the “friends” button. Your lists will appear in a small pop-up window below, and by clicking on one, you can add this friend to it. When you would like to send a post to a particular list, click on the privacy settings button and select the list you would like to broadcast to (you may need to click “See all lists” to access a specific list if it is not immediately visible).

Sharing Posts with Specific Lists

Making Friends from HubPages

Many Hubbers link to their Facebook profiles from their HubPages profiles and can be easily found on the site. Even if you do not openly connect your HubPages and Facebook profiles, you may find yourself getting friend requests from fellow Hubbers, as well as readers who randomly stumble upon your Hubs.

It is up to you whether you choose to friend people who you have not met in person- or don’t even know that well online. That said, it can be very fun to get to know your fellow Hubbers on Facebook, so keep an open mind!

Of course, if you decide to reach out to Hubbers on Facebook, do not be offended if they don’t accept your requests. Everyone has a slightly different policy when it comes to accepting friends (many, many people only friend people they have met in person), hence a declined request is not necessarily a sign that this person does not want to be your online friend in general.

Should I Create a Facebook Page?

Some Hubbers would prefer to keep their HubPages career separate from their lives on Facebook. A common alternative many consider is to create a Facebook page. This is not something we generally recommend. Unless a Facebook page belongs to a large brand or is regularly sharing posts that are inherently interesting, entertaining, or valuable, it is not likely to gain a significant number of followers, and maintaining it will be a waste of time.

One might think that one’s Hubs are very interesting, entertaining, and valuable, and they may very well be, but there are many other trusted sources (e.g. large brands, famous celebrities, major news organizations) that people would be more likely to follow if they wanted that sort of information. Very few people will be interested in articles being shared by an unknown pseudonym, especially if it is not even connected to a real person.

If it is important to you that your personal Facebook profile not allude to your HubPages career, the best approach would probably be to not attempt to promote your HubPages profile on Facebook at all. You may consider creating a personal account that has a stronger connection to HubPages on another site, such as Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+.

On Facebook and elsewhere, we strongly encourage people to associate their HubPages accounts with their real personalities- whether their HubPages username is their real name or not. Associating a HubPages account with a genuine person adds authenticity to one’s work and indicates that a Hubber is savvy enough to maintain multiple online profiles.

HubPages on Facebook

We welcome you to interact with our Facebook page!
We welcome you to interact with our Facebook page!

Interacting with HubPages’ Facebook Page

By liking HubPages on Facebook, you can receive regular updates on new features and special events, helpful Hubbing tips, and links to great new Hubs. Really savvy Facebook users can get much more out of our Facebook page than that, of course.

By mentioning HubPages in posts, shares, and status updates, you have a chance of having that post show up on our page. To mention HubPages in a post, type @ or + before typing HubPages (e.g. @HubPages or +HubPages). As you type, HubPages’ profile will appear, and by clicking on it, you will solidify the link.

We also encourage you to comment on the posts that we share on our page (either from our page itself or from your feed). This can be a fun way for other Hubbers to find you on Facebook, since a large number of people will see that same post and your comment.

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