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How to Use Referral Trackers: The HubPages Referral Program

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You can use referral trackers to ensure that you receive credit for your referrals. Find out how.

You can use referral trackers to ensure that you receive credit for your referrals. Find out how.

How to Use Referral Trackers

How does HubPages know when you refer a new user? Referrals are recorded through referral trackers, so make sure you use one in order to get credit. Referral trackers are just little bits of code inserted into URLs for tracking purposes. Every Hubber is given a unique Referral Tracker when he or she makes an account.

To find and use your Referral Tracker:

  1. Visit My Account > Earnings > Referral Trackers. You will see your Referral Tracker code in the top left hand corner of the table.
  2. Create a referral link by inserting the Referral Tracker in the HubPages signup page URL. After, simply insert a slash, an underscore, and your unique Referral Tracker (leave the rest of the link untouched).

For example, say your default Referral Tracker is 1dukongemb7x8 and you want to give a friend a link to the HubPages signup page (, then the specially-encoded link you'll want to send is:

Please be aware that Referral Trackers will only work with the signup page URL. You will not be able to add Referral Trackers to URLs for pages on any of our Network Sites or

How To Create Custom Referral Trackers

You do not have to use your default Referral Tracker exclusively; HubPages allows you to create your own custom ones as well. You may want to create multiple trackers so that you can monitor and evaluate different types of referrals. For example, you may wish to use one tracker for all the links you share on Facebook, and another for links shared via your email signatures.

  1. Return to the Referral Trackers section of your My Account section, and click the “create a new tracker” button.
  2. Type in a 3 to 16 character tracking token (keeping in mind that it can consist of only letters and numbers) and add a description (For example, if this is for links you’ll share on your blog, you might want to describe it as “Blog”).
  3. When you are finished entering this information, click “Create New Tracker.”
  4. Once the new tracking token has been created, you need only insert it into any HubPages URL you’re sharing to start using it (refer to the instructions above).
  5. To track the effectiveness of your link sharing, return to your Referral Trackers page from time to time to monitor the number of signups to Hubs for which you’re responsible. These numbers will accumulate as people who click on your trackers view the Hubs you’re sharing and decide to become Hubbers themselves.

As you can see, the HubPages Referral Program is a great way to share HubPages with friends and get something back yourself!

Referral Trackers Don'ts

As you share links with Referral Trackers, keep in mind that these are designed for bringing people to the site, not redirecting people who are already on the site. For this reason, you cannot share links with trackers in the HubPages Forums or in the Answers section of HubPages.

Also, referral trackers were designed for use outside of HubPages (like on social media or your personal blog). They will not work if added to HubPages articles, HubPages Network Site articles, or your HubPages profile. Attempting to add them anyway may result in your articles being moderated.