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How to Sign Up for the Earnings Program

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Learn how to sign up for the Earnings Program and how it works.

Learn how to sign up for the Earnings Program and how it works.


This guide will cover:

  • Instructions on signing up for the Earnings Program
  • An introduction to the Earnings Program
  • An introduction to the Ad Program
  • Tips on viewing your Ad Program earnings

The Gist

The Earnings Program enables you to:

  • Accrue revenue from several different affiliate sources in one place
  • Enjoy a lower minimum payout threshold ($50)
  • Receive winnings from HubPages contests and special programs
  • Earn from premium ads on your articles via the Ad Program

How to Sign Up for the Earnings Program

To sign up for the Earnings Program:

  1. Visit the signup page under My Account > Earnings > Settings
  2. Click on the "Sign Up for the Earnings Program" link
  3. Associate your PayPal account

Step 1: Visiting the Signup Page

Step 2: Associating Your PayPal Account


What is the Earnings Program?

The Earnings Program combines a number of revenue-generating opportunities that enable you to earn from the traffic to your articles. It also provides one consolidated gateway for us to make payments to you.

The Earnings Program, along with the ad and affiliate Programs underneath it (currently the Ad and Amazon Programs) each have a set of requirements for participation. Activating the Earnings Program alone simply means that you have enabled the payment mechanism, but it does not automatically enroll you in any of the revenue-generating programs. We also use the Earnings Program to distribute contest earnings. Once you have successfully enabled the Earnings Program, you can pick and choose which programs you want to use to make money.

The Earnings Program requires you to associate a PayPal account.

The Earnings Program


Contests Prizes

If you participate in a HubPages contest and are the lucky winner of a cash prize, you will receive your payment through the Earnings Program. Contest winners only need a PayPal account.

The Ad Program

For most users, the Ad Program is the bread and butter of moneymaking on HubPages. It provides an optimized mix of premium ads from multiple ad partners. HubPages has partnered with a number of premium ad sources, which we have special access to as a very large publisher. Our size allows us to secure large website ad rates for you. When you opt in to the Ad Program, for your share of impressions on your articles, additional advertising from these premium ad sources will appear.

Revenue generated with the Ad Program is paid via the Earnings Program as explained above.

The Amazon Program

The Amazon Program tracks referrals from your articles and the resulting purchase activity on Amazon. You accrue into your Earnings Program balance from this activity, based on your share of a commission from transactions on Amazon that occur after a referral from your articles.

HubPages offers a very high Amazon commission tier because the volume of sales across the site is aggregated for the benefit of all participants.

How to View Your Earnings

You can view your earnings for the Ad Program by visiting My Account > Earnings > Earnings Report. From your Earnings Report page you can use the drop down box to view each program's reports, e.g., Ad Program and Amazon Program.