How to Sign Up for an Amazon Associate Account

Updated on October 12, 2016

Do you know about the HubPages Amazon Program?

There are two different programs that enable you to earn from Amazon products in your Hubs: Amazon Associates (what this guide covers) and the HubPages Amazon Program (available through the HubPages Earnings Program). Please note: you have to choose one or the other; you cannot be enrolled in both at the same time.

Setting up Your Amazon Account on HubPages

One of the ways to make money on HubPages is to use Amazon Capsules in your Hubs. Amazon Capsules can be used in Hubs to sell products that pertain to your Hub. In order to reap the benefits of the Amazon Capsule, you'll need to activate Amazon under My Account > Earnings > Settings. Every time a Hub is created on HubPages that uses our tool for adding links to Amazon, you can share in the revenue through our impression sharing services.

If you already have an existing Amazon account Skip to Step 3

If you do not have an existing Amazon account (and still wish to create one) continue to Step 1

Step 1: Get Started

  1. Navigate to the Amazon Associates site (opens in new window)
  2. Click, "Join now for Free"
  3. Enter your Email address, and select "I am a new customer"

Amazon New Customer Page

Step 2: Create an Amazon Account

  1. If you do not already have an Amazon account, you will be taken to a registration page. Fill out the registration information.
  2. Proceed to the payee information screen and fill out your account information.

Amazon Registration Page

Amazon Payee Account Information Page

Step 3: Website Profile

Amazon will ask you some questions in order to create a profile of your content. This is done to ensure that your page is served relevant ads.

  1. Enter "Hubpages" as the name of your site
  2. Enter the URL to your HubPages profile: Note: Do not use "www" in your URL.
  3. Enter what your website is about
  4. Select the topic(s) that best describe your site
  5. Select the types of items you plan to list or review on your site
  6. Select "Content or Niche website" as your website type
  7. Select "SEO" for driving traffic to your website
  8. Select "Contextual Advertising" for how you monetize your website
  9. Select "Content Management System" for how you build your links
  10. Select the number of Unique Visitors. This will take some guesswork on your part. If you are just starting out, you will probably select "Less than 500"
  11. Select "To Monetize My Site" as the reason for joining
  12. Select "Word of Mouth" as how you heard about HubPages
  13. Check the box under "Contract terms", agreeing to the website terms and conditions.
  14. Click the "Finish" button
  15. The next page will give you your Associate ID and the option to select a payment method. IMPORTANT: Take note of your Associates ID for Step 5!

Questions 1-5

Question #6

Question #7

Question #8

Question #9

Question #10

Question #11

Question #12

Follow the Instructions to Receive Your Amazon ID

Step 4: Setting up Payment Options

Next you will be asked to set up how Amazon issues your payments.

  1. Select a Payment Method
  2. Click "Continue"
  3. Follow the instructions in the Amazon Tax Information Interview
  4. You will now officially be an Amazon Associate, congratulations!

Amazon Payment Options Page

Step 5: Enter your Associates ID at HubPages

Finally, you will need to enter your Amazon associate code into your HubPages account to get the ball rolling. In order for HubPages to share your Amazon earnings, you have to include your associate ID number on the Affiliate Settings page in My Account. If you did not record your associate code in Step 4, you can easily find it at the top left hand corner of your Amazon Associate homepage once you've signed in.

  1. Go My Account > Earnings > Settings
  2. Click "Get Started" next to Amazon, and enter your Associates ID
  3. Enter your Amazon ID at the bottom of the page and click "Save"

And voilĂ ! Your Amazon status will change to "Saved" and then "Set" and you're good to go!

Amazon Affiliate Settings Page

HubPages Affiliate Settings Page

Enter Your Amazon ID and Click "Save"

You're All Set!

Congratulations, you should now be ready to earn from Amazon Capsules on your Hub.

Keep your account current

Here is the policy from Amazon:

Associate accounts that have not referred a sale to within 90 days of sign-up will be automatically rejected. However, if your account is automatically rejected, you will be welcome to re-apply to the program in the future.

The gist: as soon as you sign-up for Amazon Associates, we recommend using the Amazon Capsule to get a sale as soon as possible. If you don't get a sale within the first 90 days you'll have to apply again.

Tips on Using the Product Capsules

Offering related products to your Hubs can give your readers a useful resource as well as give you an additional way to earn more money on HubPages. However, they are only effective in certain contexts and configurations.

Here are some tips on using Amazon Capsules successfully:

300 Words of Original Text per Product

HubPages recommends that articles contain at least 300 words for each Amazon product featured, but really the more original content, the better.

Articles with below 100 words per product can not be published at all, and if already published, will automatically be unpublished. But please note that 100 words per product capsule is a bare minimum for your Hub to escape automatic moderation, and a Hub that only barely meets the minimum requirement is unlikely to pass the Quality Asssessment Process. Keep in mind that a truly high-quality article will contain a much higher ratio of original text and information to products.

An example of an Amazon product featured next to a section of a Hub in which the product is specifically recommended
An example of an Amazon product featured next to a section of a Hub in which the product is specifically recommended | Source

Only Include Products that Relate to Your Hub

It seems obvious, but only include products that are directly referenced or recommended in your Hub. People are more likely to buy something if it is directly related to the subject of your Hub. There are two ways to use the Amazon Capsules in a Hub.

  1. Write a Hub about a specific product. If you write a Hub endorsing a specific product, it makes sense to offer your reader a link to buy that product. For example, if you write a Hub reviewing the new Amazon Kindle, you could feature it in the Amazon Capsule.
  2. Write a Hub about gift ideas that includes many products. For example, if you have a 10-year-old niece, you can write about the things she owns and loves most in a Hub about gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls using Amazon Capsules, ideally with custom descriptions to give people even more information about the quality of the products, how she uses them, and why she loves them.

Placement of Amazon Capsules

It's best to place Amazon Capsules within the greater body of your Hub. Do not place Amazon Capsules at the top of your Hub or clustered together at the bottom of the Hub. Hubs that have an Amazon Capsule as the first capsule will be moderated and taken down for revision.

Write Custom Descriptions

When you select products by URL, ISBN, or ASIN, you can write in custom descriptions for these products instead of going with the default product descriptions. This gives your reader more meaningful descriptions within the context of your Hub and probably does more to encourage people to buy these featured products.

Update your Amazon Capsules: Use your Reports to Optimize your Earnings

If you already have a Hub that is receiving traffic and has had a few Amazon purchases, we recommend visiting your Amazon Associates Orders Reports Page and analyzing what's been purchased. If you see an item being purchased that isn't featured on your Hub, you may want to update your Hub for that item. Conversely, if a Hub has products but never receives any sales, those product capsules may be doing more harm than good and removing them can increase reader satisfaction. Experimenting with different Amazon products (and removing the ones that don't convert) can increase your overall earnings over time!

Be Mindful of the Number of Amazon Capsules You Use

Products are not appropriate for every Hub. Even if you have plenty of original text to support your product listings, we recommend only adding Amazon Capsules if they create a richer, more informative Hub. Superfluous capsules can lead to slow-loading pages that drive readers away and can hurt your ranking in search results.

What's more, only one product can be listed per capsule. Some Hubs on HubPages predate this rule. Old Hubs with Amazon Capsules featuring more than one product have not had products automatically reduced, but if they are edited, the maximum number of products featured will automatically be reduced to one.

Use Common Sense!

As a general rule of thumb, consider your Hubs from a reader's perspective. If you're searching for gift ideas for your Uncle Leroy, you'll probably appreciate seeing Amazon products featured in the gift guide you find on Google - it's nice to be able to buy something right away. If, however, you're searching for a guide to the best vegetarian restaurants in Seattle and are overwhelmed with a sea of Seattle travel books and DVDs, you'll not be so interested in them, and might even be annoyed by the way they clutter the page.

Considering these tips as you use the Amazon Capsules will help you earn more money on HubPages and write better Hubs in general. We hope you find them to be useful!

Note About International Associate Programs

The Amazon Capsule is only designed to work with Amazon's U.S. associate program (not associate programs designed to promote products on Amazon's region-specific site, such as and

If you are a member of another region's Amazon associate program but want to earn through HubPages' Amazon Capsule, you will need to sign up for the U.S. associate program (don't worry; you can be a member of both).


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