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The HubPages Feed, Newsletter, and Blog

Updated on July 16, 2015

What is the Feed?

The Feed is an exciting feature on HubPages. It's been described as Activity on steroids, with two key differences:

  1. It is really easy to interact with. You can view content and make comments, Forum posts, questions, or answers all without leaving the feed.
  2. The items in your feed are not necessarily a comprehensive list like they are in Activity today. In the Feed we try and show you the most interesting items based on your configuration and the people and topics that you are following.

You can edit what is shown in your Feed by clicking the "edit" button next to the Filter by Type heading to the right of the feed. From here you can filter what you'd like to see in your feed; we give you a lot of options to help you create the best feed possible!

You can access the Feed from anywhere on, you'll find it in the browse navigation bar at the top of every page.

How to Edit and Filter the Contents Of Your Feed

Ever wish that you could edit the sorts of Hubs, status updates, and forum posts that show up in your Feed? You absolutely can!

Next time you go to your Feed, which is displayed on the HubPages homepage when you are signed in to your account, mouse over one of the posts. When your cursor hovers over a specific story (be it about a new Hub, or a status update, a forum post, or a comment), a small circle icon with an x on it pop up at the top right corner of that story. Mouse over the icon, and a dropdown menu will appear.

Depending on what sort of post it is, you will see some of the following options in that menu:

  • To hide that story
  • To hide stories in that particular Topic
  • To hide stories from a particular Hubber

These options and the way they work are similar to those you'll see on other social media sites like Facebook, so using them should be a breeze.

Filtering the Feed

Sometimes it is nice to just see Hubs in your Feed, or perhaps just Forum posts. You can easily filter your Feed for Hubs, Comments, Forum Posts, Questions, Followers and Milestones. To filter these options, simply click the "Filter" button on the right of your status bar. We've included an image below.

Ways to Filter the Feed

Once in filter-mode, you can choose how you would like to filter your Feed. You can filter your Feed even more by clicking on the "edit" button near the "Filter by Type" heading. You will get an expansive drop down box of all the different ways you can filter your Feed! To hide filters, click the "hide filters" button in the status bar.

We hope you find the functionality to be useful!

What is the HubPages Newsletter?

The HubPages Newsletter is a weekly summary of important updates, tips, and community news. It provides the following features:

  • A roundup of your Hub views, Profile views, comments, total followers, and reporting accuracy (should you regularly report Hubs that violate HubPages' publishing standards)
  • Important news and updates on changing features, policies, and special programs (such as contests)
  • Recommended Hubs from Topics you follow
  • Tips on improving your skills as a Hubber
  • The best recent Editor’s Choice Hub
  • A random fun fact from a recently-published Hub

Previous copies of newsletters and Hubber to Hubber interviews can be found at the online archives below:

A Previous Issue of the HubPages Weekly Newsletter:

A HubPages newsletter from the archive
A HubPages newsletter from the archive

What is the HubPages Blog?

The HubPages Blog features posts (published once or twice weekly) on HubPages-related issues including:

  • New features
  • New contests
  • Policy updates
  • Special programs
  • Hubber success stories
  • Hubber interviews
  • Tips from Hubbers
  • Tips from HubPages staff

Should you want more detailed information on updates alluded to in the HubPages Forums, this is the best place to check!

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