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Topic Templates

Updated on July 16, 2015

Default Layout for a Hub

The default formatting option is the Topic Template. We recommend starting with this layout. You can easily delete and add capsules if you want to change your Hub's layout, but each specific Template gives you a great foundation for your Hub.

What are Topic Templates?

Topic Templates are Hub Templates that we have created to help you format Hubs based on their subject area. Each Template features important online tips explaining why each capsule is important and how it will help you compete in the increasingly-competitive online world of content! We hope that you read each capsule's content and apply the teachings to your Hubs.

When creating a Hub, you have the choice of using the following formatting options:

  • Template (we have incorporated a variety of different capsules in a Hub to help you get started with your layout)
  • Article (this is a blank Hub with only a Text Capsule, Photo Capsule, and Comment Capsule)
  • Recipe (a layout using the Recipe Capsules)
  • Copy Layout (a previous Hub's layout that you would like to use again)

An Example of a Portion of a Template

Choose Your Topic Wisely

Once you have chosen your topic, you can change it in the HubTool, but your
Template will not change to the new Topic Template. While this isn't a huge problem, we wanted to make you aware of the possibility.

Why Templates?

While HubPages is one of the easiest places to create unique, long-format, media-rich content online, it still takes a bit of time to figure out the HubTool. Even authors that have been on the site for years can benefit from a bit of help. Our Templates were designed with specific categories in mind and what online searchers would like to find in an article within this particular category.

The Templates incorporate multiple Text and Photo Capsules, as well as additional media, to create a foundation for a spectacular Hub. By using the Topic Template and adding grammatically correct, high-quality content as well as legally-used images, you are quite likely to create a Stellar Hub!

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