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Notifications and Following

Updated on July 16, 2015

Notifications from HubPages

To keep you abreast of the latest developments amongst your favorite Hubbers, Topics, and discussions on HubPages, HubPages delivers notifications.

There are two avenues through which you may receive notifications:

  1. On-site notifications: Visible in summary form on the notifications pane and in full on the Your Notifications page.
  2. Direct emails from HubPages: Instant or Daily Digest emails updating you on HubPages activity

Whenever you click the big green Follow button, you will be notified of activity on that Hub, Forum post, Question, Hubber, etc.
Whenever you click the big green Follow button, you will be notified of activity on that Hub, Forum post, Question, Hubber, etc.

Following on HubPages

If you want to be notified about activity on HubPages you should follow those Hubbers and activities that interest you.

Click the green Follow button if you'd like to be notified when activity occurs. You can Follow a Hubber by clicking on their image and going to their profile page.

How to Stop Following a Thread, Hubber, or Topic

If you would like to view which topics, Hub comment threads, Hubbers, Questions, and Forums you're currently following, visit:

My Account > Following

In this section of My Account, you can unfollow specific items as well as change your default follow settings (for example, you may choose to not automatically follow comment threads on Hubs).

On-Site Notifications vs. Off-Site Notifications

On-site notifications let you know when:

  • Someone has commented on a Hub on which you have also left a comment
  • Someone has commented in a Forum thread in which you participated
  • Someone has answered a Question you asked
  • Someone has submitted an Answer to a Question that you are following or have answered

Off-site notifications (emails and mobile alerts) encompass additional developments, as outlined in the table below.

The Different Notifications on HubPages

When a Hubber that I am Following
When a Topic that I am Following
Publishes a new Hub
Has a new Hub
When a Hub you are following gets a new Comment
Has a new Question or Answer
When a Question you are following gets a new Answer
Has a new Forum post
When a Forum topic you are following receives a new post
Someone Comments on your Status Update
You get a new follower or Fan Mail
When someone asks you a Question

Notification Frequency

HubPages tries to update you with relevant information with a respect to your inbox capacity. To do this, we will only send you one email notification on a Hub, post, comment, etc. every 8 hours. This stopwatch begins every time you visit the Hub, post, comment, etc. For example, if you leave a Forum post and five people comment on the post, we will only send you one email every 8 hours, unless you visit the post. Once you visit the post, the 8 hour stopwatch begins again.

Offsite Notification Formats

  1. Instant Email - HubPages will send you an email as soon as one of the activities to the left occurs.
  2. Daily Digest Email - HubPages is a very active community with new content being produced constantly. The Daily Digest is a way to stay up to speed without being inundated with too much information.

Notification Email Settings

There are three different email settings that you can configure by going to your email settings page under My Account > Profile > Email Settings.

  1. Never - Check this bubble if you never want email or instant notifications from HubPages.
  2. Auto - The “Auto” setting, which is the coolest, utilizes a complex formula to send you updates only on new developments that are likely to interest you. Details factored into such updates include the quality of the notification, your affinity for the particular Hubber involved (e.g. whether or not you’re following them, have visited their profile recently, etc.), this person’s HubScore, thumbs up or down on an Answer, and whether or not you are following and frequently check in on the particular Topic in question. Your affinity for certain Topics is even separated out by Hubs, Questions, and Forums, as not all Hubbers who enjoy hanging out in the religious Forums, for example, read many religious Hubs. Last but not least, the level of email will adjust based on whether you interact with what we send you. For example, if you stop clicking on the Topic notification links for body art, tattoos and piercings, we will slow down those notifications to you.

  3. Always - If you check the Always bubble, HubPages will notify you every time activity occurs in one of the areas you are following.

If you don't want to receive emails for every activity but also don't want to miss out on anything, we recommend setting the Auto function for the Instant Email group, but the Always bubble for Daily Digest. That way, you are certain not to miss any activity that is important to you.

To get to your notification settings page, go to My Account > Profile > Email Settings

Notifications on HubPages

Comment Notifications

When you follow a Hub, you will receive notifications when new comments are left. If you are the author of a Hub, you will always receive these notifications.

There are two ways to follow the comments in a Hub:

  1. Leave a comment and leave the box checked that says "Follow this Hub's comments."
  2. Click the green Follow button at the top of the comments thread.

If you would like to stop following comments on a Hub, visit the Hub and click "unfollow" or visit My Account > Hubs You Follow.

Following a Hub and its Comments

Topic and Forum Notifications

You will not be notified about activity in Topics or Forums unless you follow them. You can do so by visiting individual Topic and Forum pages and clicking the "Follow" button.

You will, however, be notified of new posts in Forum threads in which you post, unless you have unchecked the option to follow forum threads that you post to and create under My Account > Following > Forums You Follow.

Question and Answer Notifications

By asking a Question or Submitting an Answer, you will, by default, follow that Question, but if you don't feel like jumping in right away, you can click the "Follow" button and still be notified when every time Hubber submits an Answer.

When you grow tired of hearing about new Answers to a Question, you can unfollow it by visiting the Question and clicking "unfollow" or doing the same from My Account > Questions You Follow.

Going on Vacation?

Did you know that you can pause your notifications when you go on vacation? Click the "Vacation (pause all notifications)" box to hold off on all of your notifications until you return from your trip.

Keeping Offsite Followers Updated with the HubPages Widget

Did you know that you can put a HubPages profile widget on your blog or website to showcase your best, latest, or hot Hubs showcased?

The HubPages Widget is a simple means of enabling visitors to your blog or website to see your latest work on HubPages and easily access your Profille. As you can see with the image to the right, viewers can toggle their results by latest, hottest, and best Hubs by the author, click on the links to bring them to your Hub, or click the "more" button to visit your Profile.

You may also add a referral tracker to your widget, so if anyone signs up for HubPages via your widget, you have the possibility of earning from their Hubs.

How to Set Up the HubPages Widget

Follow these steps to set up your HubPages widget on your site or blog:

  1. Go to our Banners and Badges page and scroll to the bottom > Add USERNAME'S widget to your website. (You can add any Hubber's widget to your site, but most Hubbers add their own profile widget.)
  2. Set which referral tracker you would like to use for the widget. If someone signs up for Hubpages and creates a Hub, you will receive a percentage of their earnings. For more information, see our Learning Center entry on Referral Trackers.
  3. Set the width and height that you would like your widget. We recommend that your widget width is at least 110 pixels and widget height is at least 130 pixels.
  4. Set the default for sorting your Hubs. Would you like your latest, hottest, or best Hubs to be showcased? Your readers can always use the toggle to change which Hubs are presented.
  5. Paste the HTML that we provide you on the Get USERNAME'S Widget page into your website or blog.
  6. You're done! Your widget should show up on your website or blog!

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