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How to Convert Academic Work into Online Articles

Updated on May 24, 2016

In all likelihood you have been a student at some time or another- you may even be taking classes right now! One of the greatest aspects of being a student (or graduate) on HubPages is that you can put your old academic papers to work on the site.

Reasons to Publish Academic Papers on HubPages

  • You have to compose essays, research projects, and studies for your classes anyway - why let them sit and rot after a class is over? Sharing old papers with the world means that your work can continue to be read, utilized, and appreciated
  • You stand to make a profit from things you publish on HubPages
  • You can get valuable feedback from people who read your work on HubPages
  • You may be 'found' through your articles on HubPages (Writers on HubPages have been discovered by publications, news networks, and potential employers who found them through Hubs they published)
  • It's a good idea to have an online portfolio of work to which you can direct potential employers
  • Knowing that you will be publishing your work online can raise your own standards with your work (It may be hard to put hours and hours into a paper that only one person will read, but that effort seems worth it if your work is destined for a larger audience)
  • You may find a new source of motivation to get papers and school projects done (homework might be drudgery, but at least you can use it to your advantage on HubPages by earning from ad revenue and getting your name out there!)

How to Convert Your Papers into Hubs

Even if a paper you have written for school got excellent marks, it might not quite be ready for Internet publication. Why? Well, writing is a bit different on the Internet- the way things are titled, formatted, and presented is different. For this reason, it is a good idea to tweak academic papers before publishing them on HubPages.

Here are some very simple things you can do to academic projects that will make them Internet-friendly and boost their potential for driving traffic and earning money from ad revenue.

  1. Change your title: Hubs with clear, search-friendly titles are more likely to be found and read. Do some keyword research and choose a title for your paper that is well-configured to drive traffic
  2. Break your text into separate sections (and capsules): If it isn't already, break your paper into several sections with subheadings. This makes it easier for online readers to skip around
  3. Add media: Adding photos is a must. Adding additional features such as tables, maps, video, and links make your Hub into a richer, more valuable resource and can help it rank higher in search results! A video you add does not have to be something you created - finding something relevant and complimentary on YouTube to put in your Hub works very well.
  4. Provide an explanation: If you are publishing a paper or notes on a more obscure subject that might otherwise seem out of context, provide a brief introduction explaining your work and its significance.
  5. Update your Hub as needed: You may want to update your notes, paper, or study guides with a bit more information or background to have them make sense to a broader audience. What's more, if you learn more in the future that relates to the academic Hub you published, add more to it! This makes it more useful, and allows you to keep notes on a certain subject all in one convenient place.

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