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How to Write a Successful Recipe Hub

Updated on October 28, 2014

Recipes are among the most popular types of articles on HubPages, and in the online world in general! Because there are so many recipes floating around online, you will find that any recipe Hubs you publish are up against stiff competition. That said, there are several things you can do to give them an extra edge.


Use the Recipe Capsules

By including the Cook Time, Ratings, Instructions, Ingredients, and Nutrition Capsules in a recipe Hub you are writing, you can present your recipe in a more polished layout while also making it look more attractive in search results. You can do so by adding the Capsules directly in the HubTool or choosing the Recipe Hub layout on the Create a Hub page.

By entering your recipe information into these specific Capsules instead of regular Text Capsules and Table Capsules, you are enabling bits of your recipe to appear in search results and making it easier for online recipe searchers to find your recipe.

If you only enter your recipe information into normal capsules, searchers will only see your recipe Hub’s title and summary clip in search results. If, however, you enter your information into Recipe Capsules, searchers may also see a photo, your recipe’s star rating, you’re recipe’s cook time, and other snippets of information that will make them more likely to click through to your Hub.

If you enter your recipe details into Recipe Capsules, searchers will also be able to use Google’s special filtering tools to find your recipes based on certain ingredients, nutritional values, and cook times.

You do not need to use all of the Recipe Capsules for extra tidbits of information to show up in search results; at the very minimum, you must include the Ratings Capsule for your Hub to get special treatment. Everything else is optional but might enhance your listing.

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Include Original Photos

You don’t have to be a professional food photographer for your Hubs to benefit from original photos. Even imperfect photos taken with cell phones can vastly improve recipe Hubs so long as they provide an accurate representation of how to prepare a meal and what it looks like when it is finished. That said, taking the time to take a good picture that makes your dish look appetizing will help you in the long run.

Why use original photos? Because searchers are more likely to trust and follow your recipe if they know that the instructions they’re reading really do correspond with the photos you’re showing them. If they see an image that obviously was not produced by you, they are much less likely to view your recipe as credible.

We recommend adding as many step-by-step photos to a recipe as possible- starting with ingredients and finishing with the finished product. Just be sure that the first image you include in your Hub is of the finished dish, because this is the image that is most likely to show up in search results, listings, and social media shares, and folks are much more likely to be intrigued by a steaming slice of apple pie than a pile of flour, sugar, and unpeeled apples.

Tips on Using Photos in your Recipe Hub

  • Your first photo should be a high-quality image of the finished recipe
  • Use Instagram or other photo editing software to improve the quality of your image
  • Use only high-quality images and step-by-step instructions
  • If your image is pixelated, try making it right justified
  • A photo of all of your ingredients in their packaging isn't that appealing. Check out how Heather Says showcases her ingredients!


Offer Detailed and Useful Instructions

When it comes to copyright, it is difficult to protect specific recipes, however it is much easier to defend your copyright with regard to collections of recipes and detailed instructions, so be sure that your Hubs are packed with useful, practical tips and procedures. In addition to adding some protection to your copyright, they make your Hub more useful and search-friendly.

One of the best and simplest ways to make your Hubs easily readable but also packed with useful information is to include just basic steps in the Instructions Capsule, but then provide detailed explanations (along with step-by-step photos) in the form of Text Capsules displayed later in the Hub.

Offering basic information upfront and backing it up with detail below enables your readers to skip around while also getting all the information they want. This will likely entice your audience to stay with your recipe Hubs for longer. This increased engagement should, in turn, help your Hub gain a more favorable placement in search results.

Livelonger includes detailed instructions in his recipe Hubs.
Livelonger includes detailed instructions in his recipe Hubs. | Source
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