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How to Stand Out in Search Engine Results

Updated on August 2, 2016

Ratings, Recipes, Videos, and Summaries

Online searchers have a lot of choices when choosing which results they will visit - sometimes millions! When a potential reader types a query in Google or Bing, you have to help your Hub stand out from the rest of the results. By using special formatting options that HubPages provides, you have the opportunity to give your Hub an added bump.

There are four formatting options on HubPages that affect the way your content appears in search results:

Let's take a look at these different options and consider how they will help your work stand out in search engine results.

Search Engine Result for "How to Barbecue a Whole Salmon" Using the Ratings Capsule

Notice how the ratings are displayed as well as an image.
Notice how the ratings are displayed as well as an image.

How to Make Recipes and Reviews More Search Friendly

The Recipe Capsules in the HubTool are designed to make specific types of Hubs (namely reviews and recipes) more attractive to online searchers and to present readers with a friendly, interactive, and polished format.

These capsules make it possible for additional details, such as star ratings, photos, and ingredients, to show up alongside a Hub’s title and summary text as it is listed in search engine results.

Using the Ratings Capsule for Reviews

If you're writing a Hub that discusses a product, service, or place, using the Ratings Capsule can make it more polished, search friendly, and interactive.

In general, you can use the special layout option for reviews to your best advantage by...

Keep in mind that the Ratings Capsule, however, is not intended for...

  • Rating people, movements, religions
  • Rating Hubs

Insert a Ratings Capsule in your Recipe Hubs

Using the Recipe Capsule

You will need to include, at the very least, a Ratings Capsule set to recipe ratings. In order to reap the maximum benefit possible from this option, we encourage you to use as many of the Recipe Capsules as you can. We also strongly recommend adding as many detailed and instructional photos as possible.

For a more detailed explanation of each Recipe Capsule, visit our guide to writing a successful recipe Hub.

Video Icon in Search Results

When you create your own video and upload it to HubPages, you may have an advantage in search results. Online videos are given special treatment in Google search results because they are displayed with video icons. This icon will make your Hub stand apart from purely text-based competition.

Adding a Youtube or Vimeo video will not give you this same advantage. Only HubPages-hosted Video will give you the advantage of displaying the video icon in search results.

We have created a helpful guide on Video creation on HubPages. If you are going to create a Video, we recommend having a look!

The Importance of a Hub Summary in Search Engine Results

Nothing makes one want to watch a movie like a good preview. These brief introductions do a wonderful job at piquing audience interest and driving viewers to theaters. The same goes for online articles.

The summaries that accompany Hubs when they're listed in search engines and other popular Web services can often make the difference between people passing them over or clicking through to read more. We therefore encourage you to enter a brief summary of your Hub before you publish.

Why is your Hub summary an important part of your Hub creation process?

After your Hub is published and indexed by search engines, the summary will show up under your title in search results from search engines like Google and Bing. Having a summary that is different than the text in your Hub has shown to be beneficial to your rankings, so we advise all writers to write unique summaries. The summary you give to a Hub will be used as a hidden "meta description" tag- something many search engines and web services use as summary/preview text for your Hub.

Writing a custom summary takes very little effort, but doing so can help your Hub gain extra visibility among some search engines and websites, so consider adding this activity to your regular Hub publishing routine.

To add a summary, click in the pink summary box under your title. You can see all of the Hubs that do not have a summary by visiting your Statistics Page of the My Account Page and looking for an "A" icon next to Hubs' titles. Those Hubs that do not have a summary will display the "A".

What Should I Put in My Summary?

Summaries should:

  • Be around one or two short sentences (summaries tend to get truncated in search engine results after around 150 characters).
  • Be unique (that is, not a copied snippet of your Hub).
  • Provide a general overview of what your Hub is about.
  • Entice potential readers. Let your readers know that it's worth it to visit your Hub. After all, you've written a great article. Let them know!
  • (OPTIONAL) Contain two or three keywords that searchers are looking for. (Remember: any keywords that you use in your summary should be addressed in your Hub. Your goal is not to trick readers to come to your Hub, but to provide a useful overview of what your Hub contains. In other words, don't overdo it!).

Hub Summaries Should NOT:

  • Be keyword stuffed
  • Repeat your title or other sentences in your Hub
  • Be self-promotional
  • Contain spelling or grammatical mistakes

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