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Content Creation


How to Create Content That Lasts

Content that lasts tends to be evergreen (timeless), novel (not yet extensively covered), and presented with a specific, niche, long-tail title.


How to Improve the Quality of an Article

A boost in quality can lead to boosts in traffic, readership, and earnings. Here are our top tips on improving the quality of your articles.


How to Craft a Successful, Competitive, Search-Friendly Title

Once you've written about a subject you're passionate about that has not already been covered extensively online, the most important thing you can do is create a simple, accurate, and search-friendly title. This article includes tips and insights about crafting the best titles for your articles.


Elements of a Stellar Article

Do you want to give your article the best possible chance of seeing significant traffic? This guide discusses how.


How to Update Your Articles to Increase Traffic

Learn about the importance of updating your content periodically to keep its quality high so that it continues to please readers and get traffic over time.


A Guide to Proper Image Use on HubPages

How do you attribute an image for an online article? What photos are free to use? This guide will help you learn the basics of proper image use and citations.


How to Create an Article Using the HubTool

This article provides a guide to writing and publishing articles using the HubPages HubTool.


How to Create Valuable Online Content

Creating valuable online content doesn't need to be complicated. The ideas in this guide can help you fine-tune your articles so you can bring them up to a level of quality that will get them noticed by readers and search engines alike.